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Formula 1 Grand Prix monaco

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The Principality of monaco is one of the well-knownplaces in the world. Every year many thousand people, from all over the word, come here to watch famous racing Formula-1 Grand Prix monaco.

1890 years Alexandre Noghés, and his Son Antony Noghés created the Automobile Club of Monaco, famed as the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile). Soon, in April 14, 1929, Prince Pierre opened the 1st Grand Prix of monaco and made a circle of honor in the Avions Voisin Torpedo.

Today, Formula-1 is the most prestigious racing series in the world and only the best pilots can participate in it.

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Millions of fans, the most expensive cars, billions of investments in teams are what make the race as the most anticipated sports events. People start to buy tickets for watch monaco Grand Prix, as soon as Formula-1 calendar is updated.

When does the monaco Grand Prix start?

The monaco Grand Prix Formula-1 race will be held in May. This will be another season of the Royal Race.

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From Top Car monaco Formula-1 Terrace, you can see the most difficult sections of the racetrack, where the result of the whole race F-1 is decided. Dangerous section first turn La Saint Devote, nervous Beau Rivage, tortuous New Chicane, a steep turn to the left of Turn of the Tabac, the slowest S-shaped turn near Louis Chiron and Le Piscine.

The race has 78 laps, 3,340 km circuit length, 260,52 km total distance race, where each of the numerous turns can be fatal. It place of collisions of cars and dropping out of the race, what gives these races a special interest. Exactly in Monaco, Formula-1 circuit is the most difficult and slow route of the Formula-1 history, where the decisive role plays the talent of the racing driver.

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On the complexity of the route and says that even Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher couldn’t always manage here with the driving and flew off the local barriers.

You can see the battle of the fastest cars in the world and the strongest pilots. Incredible emotions and impressions are guaranteed to you.

In a time between the races, you can hire a sports car in monaco and go to the Opera House, visit the famous Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, see the collection of retro cars in the Prince's Museum, go to a casino or restaurants and generally find a right entertainment depending on your hobby. And, after all, visit famous private parties, which are always held on Fridays.

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Indulge yourself, we’ve only one life!

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