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Hire Mercedes S63 Cabrioin Saint-Tropez, france

Offer for Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Cabriolet

starting from
1400 €
for a day (200 km)
4 Days (500 km)4500
7 Days (1000 km)7000
Additional days1000
With its fashionability, the lively beach-resort Saint-Tropez confidently competes with neighboring Monaco, Cannes and Nice. This rich & famous town is a must-visiting behind the wheel of Mercedes S63 Amg. Get the perfection of a German car in an ideal location!

Rent Mercedes S63 Amg in Saint-Tropez if you need a prestigious and comfortable car, but at the same time, a real super-safe monster with 4-wheel-drive exciting control. An off-road vehicle is suitable at any holidays or business meeting.

With Mercedes S63 Cabrio you get the most powerful version of the Mercedes cabriolet that reaches a speed of 100 km /h in less than four seconds. The vehicle is equipped with a soft top made of three-layer super-strong material that rises and hides just in twenty seconds. You can fully enjoy the wind and the sun of the French Riviera in this perfect car for the city and the highway.

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