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Hire Ferrari 488 GTB in Saint-Tropez, france

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Additional days900
The jewel of the French Riviera - Saint-Tropez maintains its medieval and luxury resort character. As one of the most popular places together with Cannes and Nice, Saint-Tropez charms its visitors throughout the year. We advise you to rent Ferrari 488 GTB in Saint-Tropez to add more comfort and prestige to your trip. Make the most exciting of your driving experienceswith Top Car monaco!

This picturesque and sunny corner ofMediterrean is the home to almond trees, forests of pine, lavender fields, sandy beaches and volcanic rocks. Start your day driving Ferrari 488 GTB and travel along the volcanic Esterel Massif by the sea. Then reach the Little Venice of France – the Port Grimaud. It is situated a few kilometers from town, so you could feel the accelerations and V8 twin-turbo sounds of your Ferrari 488 GTB.

Driving in Saint-Tropez town itself early in the morning will make it easier for you to choose a place. To find a parking spot, there are two large car parks such as Parc des Lices in the center and a larger one located directly at the port on Avenue Charles de Gaulle.

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