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Hire Bentley GT Continental in Saint-Tropez, france

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4 Days (500 km)3800
7 Days (1000 km)5850
Additional days950
Arriving to Saint-Tropez? Nowadays in this ancient fishing village you could find all the trappings of a millionaire’s lifestyle with the French Riviera’s chic. We recommend you to rent Bentley GT Continental in Saint-Tropez, because this elegant luxurious British car is the best match for such a paradisiac prestigious resort.

During your cruise behind the wheel of Bentley, take the opportunity to discover the legendary sites, the best boutiques and cafes in the world.

Saint-Tropez offers an impressive view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Drive through the streets, shaded by bougainvillea and watch Provençal market. Then drive down the harbor to visit one of the greatest small French museums of contemporary art, Le Musée de l'Annonciade, and the renowned Maritime Museum. Seven kilometers west of Saint Tropez and seven kilometers south east of Sainte-Maxime, go to explore the lakeside town in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez called the Venice of Provence in the Grimaud port.

You can have the best price for rent Bentley GT Continental in French Riviera, just contact us 24/7, we offer to the most demanding clients the best of luxury, premium, super and sports cars.
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